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Individual Development Clinic

Every person has a right to be successful and happy. Philosophically, sometimes it is said that happiness is an internal disposition of mind, but practically there is a strong co-relation between success and happiness. Success in life depends upon number of factors. Your ability to deal with others and communicate effectively is one of the most important trait which contribute in your success. Management of your finances is another important trait, which go a long way in making you feel that you are successful.

There is a vast pool of knowledge, which helps a person to become successful. Your success will depend upon the knowledge you have and to what extent you are able to apply that knowledge in your day to day conduct. Here we are giving a set of twelve important skills that will help you to deal with others and communicate effectively with people and one skill that will help you manage your finances more effectively than you might be managing now. These skills are not panacea to your success, but definitely help you in becoming a little more successful person. These skills some time may look to be innocuous and common sense, and some time you might have learnt them also in one way or the others, but completing the module related to these will hone up your skills, contributing to your success.

The modules are:

S. No Module Title On-line Expected Duration Off-line on-Site Duration
1 Essential Financial Skills for Investing 13 hours 3 days
2 Time Management Skills 4 hours 1 days
3 Improving Interpersonal Skills 4 hours 1 days
4 Communication Skills 3.5 hours 1 days
5 Presentation Skills 6 hours 1 days
6 Negotiating Skills 4 hours 1 days
7 Delegating Skills 2.5 hours 1 days
8 Effective Meeting Skills 4.5 hours 1 days
9 Motivating Skills 3.5 hours 1 days
10 Leadership and Team building Skills 5 hours 2 days
11 Total Quality Management Skills 3 hours 1 days
12 Customer Management skills 4 hours 1 days
13 Managing performance Skills 3 hours 1 days

Although these modules are activity based, but these activities have been designed in such a way that you can complete them on your laptop without any pen, pencil and note pad. Different modules may take different time to complete, which varies from 2 hours to 13 hours, which is mentioned against each module. There is no specific order in which you should complete these modules. It will, however, be helpful, if modules from serial 1 to 12 are completed in sequence. You can complete each of the module from 1 to 12 in one sitting, but for module at serial No 13, you will need at least two sitting. If you don’t have that much block of time as is mentioned against each module, you can complete the module in parts as well – provision has been made for this.


For accessing the modules, you need to register yourself and create your log in and password, by clicking on ‘Register New User’


There are no specific charges for completing the modules on line. You can voluntarily contribute any amount on line depending upon what you gained after completing the module/modules. The facility for on line contribution is available at the end of each module. The contribution can be sent by cheque also on the Nectar Fountain address.


The training in the above-mentioned modules or any other topic of Management skills can be arranged off line at site also. This service would be provided only when there is group of 10 persons. Such trainings can be residential or non-residential. Residential training would have some activities also during morning, or evening or both times with a view to energize the participants, develop stretching capacity and add entertainment to the trainings.


For off-line training, expected contribution are as follows:

  • One module for 10-20 persons @ Rs 2,500 per day per person. Stay charges and expenses on consumables would be as per actuals
  • 2 days super condensed programme covering module 1-to 12 for 20-50 persons @ Rs3,000 per person per day. Stay charges would be as per actual.
  • 5 days condensed programme covering module 1-12 for 20-50 persons @ Rs 2,500 per persons per day. Stay charges would be as per actual.
  • The module on ‘Essential Financial Skills for Investing’ at serial No 13 require 3 days separately for which single module charges would be applicable.

If any individual is not satisfied or partially satisfied, he can seek the part or full training charges refund depending upon his level of satisfaction within 2 days after the end of the programme. Training cost would be refunded except the actual expenditure incurred on stationary, training material and other tools used during the training.

Refund would be affected within 10 days of request.


We will help you to deliver your best.